About Us

Big issues and choices are facing us as Australians – from how we tackle climate change and deal with an ageing population, to the challenges of securing our economy, protecting human rights and reversing growing inequality.

Our country has been a crucible for social progress, and what we do continues to have outsized influence on the global stage.

The health of our democracy and the speed of progress will depend upon the existence of a strong non-partisan civil society. Without strong community voices, important debates will remain one-sided and dominated by large vested interests, or simply not happen at all.

Civil society however, is facing substantial systemic challenges. The nature of social movements and how people choose to engage in issues is shifting with technological and generational change – and non-profits are struggling to keep up.

Our mission is to build the advocacy capacity of Australia’s civil society organisations, so as to ensure that the community interest is strongly represented in debates about our nation’s future.

Our ambitious 5-year plan is to:

  • Support a cohort of 1,000 civic leaders with the skills, networks and courage to win on their issues;
  • Incubate new coordinated non-partisan coalition-based campaigns, as well as new non-profits that fill clear gaps in Australia’s civil society landscape; and
  • Substantially grow the philanthropic resources available for long term, innovative thinking in the non-profit sector

We receive no government funding, and are primarily reliant on our event and training income to cover our costs. We also receive some core support from diverse health, environment and aid groups; unions; and from public donations.

The best way to get in contact with us is via email- info@australianprogress.org.au