Fellowship Program

We train and empower 21st century change agents: campaigners, non-profit managers, and community organisers, who build and serve social change movements. 

We’re excited to announce that applications are now open for a new national intensive version of the fellowship, bringing our program to change-makers outside of Sydney and Melbourne.

If you’re in Sydney, and missed out in 2016, you can get your application in early for next year here.

The Fellowship is a leadership course, training program, for a specific type of leader: people working to change the world through public advocacy and campaigning. Graduates of the Fellowship Program are fluent in campaign strategy and theory of change, and confident in using a full suite of campaign tactics. Most importantly, they join an alumni community of supportive peers, who together will continue to provide each other with support, advice and friendship for many years to come.

The program covers a deep dive into best practice campaign strategy approaches and tools, messaging, framing and communications strategy and practices, lobbying and direct advocacy to decision-makers, community organising, digital campaigning tools, media engagement, and civil disobedience.

Australia’s civil society is stronger when the people working for our many organisations have a diversity of experience and backgrounds. We strongly encourage applicants from a diversity of genders, backgrounds, cultures, languages and experiences to apply.

Special thanks to the Purves Environmental Fund for their support of the fellowship program, which makes it possible for us to keep participation fees low, and welcome applicants working on environment, climate and conservation issues in all of our programs.

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