We work to provide civil society and philanthropists with the capacity and neutral space needed to seed new innovative campaigns, coalitions, and organisations that fill key gaps in Australia’s non-profit landscape.

We've helped parents find their voice in the debates on childcare and education funding, helped young people enrol to vote for the first time, and supported a host of environment organisations to develop innovative new strategies for building public support for strong action on climate change.

Investing in under-organised communities

To date, our incubation projects have focused on creating new campaigns to mobilise communities who are not represented in national debates about their future.

Throughout 2014 we will be identifying new incubation opportunities, and working with our Board and funding organisations to bring to life powerful new campaigns, coalitions and organisations.

  • The Parenthood is a new, not for profit, advocacy group for Australian parents. It represents mums, dads, grandparents and primary carers and lobbies on their behalf to government and business to gain positive policy changes. The Parenthood was established by a group of Australian not-for-profit organisations who recognised Australian parents didn’t have a vehicle to advocate for change.

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    Concept to campaign

    Australian Progress supported the Parenthood from the early stages of ideation and business development, through to website and campaign development, and staff recruitment and training.

    February 2014

  • Fair Agenda is an independent campaigning organisation focused on bringing Australians together in critical moments, to drive change that promotes fairness and equality for women.

    It brings together Australians from all backgrounds and walks of life, to take positive, strong and moment-drive action when issues affecting women are in the spotlight.

    Whether calling for increased representation of women in decision making roles, championing measures that increase women’s safety in the home, or campaigning for equal pay – Fair Agenda works with members to demand better from our political representatives, business leaders, peers and media.

    Fair Agenda works to add value to the women’s movement by helping harness public energy in key moments, while also growing the movement for long term change.

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    Supporting entrepreneurs

    Australian Progress supported social justice campaigner and entrepreneur Renee Carr in the early stages of developing and launching Fair Agenda - including helping Renee source Board members, develop funding proposals, and find early stage investment.

    December 2013

  • Count Me In is making it as easy as possible for all Australians to enrol and vote. For those who sign up to Count Me In, we will send you information about the election and provide all the info you need to get out and vote on election day! In Australia, prior to June 2013, 43% of 18 and 19 year olds weren’t enrolled to vote. All up, the voices of over 1.4million Australians weren’t being heard. However, over the past few months over 800,000 people have enrolled or updated their enrolment details online alone.

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    Connecting partners

    With the 2013 Federal Election approaching, it was clear that many young Australians were likely to miss out on their opportunity to participate in our democracy because they had not enrolled to vote. We supported an Australian Progress Fellow, Nina O'Connor, to build a web platform, social media and university campus campaign focused on enrolling young people.

    September 2013