Written by Jesse Fuquay on August 18, 2015
Crowd-sourced catering


No matter the event – the quality of the food leaves a lasting impression. How do you find the perfect caterer? Well don’t worry – we have endured the ‘Google-grind’ and compiled a list of Australia-wide catering services that have progressive qualities ideal for fellow non-profits. These catering services focus on sustainable products, free-range proteins, locally sourced produce, or are just very affordable and convenient!

If you know of more, or better catering companies, feel free to edit and add! The easier we can make finding delicious food providers, the more time we can spend focusing on our mission: changing the world for the better.

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Jesse Fuquay

Jesse is a Project Assistant at Australian Progress. Passionate about sustainable development, climate change mitigation and economic reformation. Jesse has conducted original research and hopes to be a driving force in positive social change.

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