Guide: Writing a Media Release

Written by Dinah Arndt on August 31, 2015

Need some help preparing a media release? Here is a helpful guide to get you started.

Writing a great media release or alert can be challenging – they need to be short, snappy, and easy to read. Creating the perfect media release will make life easy for the people you are communicating with, and then you can rest assured that your message has been communicated effectively. Everyone wins!

Dinah Arndt has prepared this downloadable PDF guide to help you master the basics of writing an effective media release. Take a look at her tips and examples, then download her media release and media alert templates and get started on creating your own.


Dinah Arndt

Dinah is a reformed journalist with 13 years' experience in the Australian media industry. Most recently, as chief political reporter and columnist at The Examiner. She then moved on to manage the day-to-day media, communications and advocacy affairs of Cancer Council Victoria. Dinah is currently the Director of the Climate Media Centre, which is an initiative of the Climate Council.

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