Tip: Winning Social Media with Animals Australia

Written by Jesse Marks on May 29, 2015
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As of today, Animals Australia have more than 840,000 facebook fans and at least two viral videos with more than 30 million views. And that’s just the beginning – they’re leveraging their engaged social media audience to win campaigns. And they want to tell you how.

Community Engagement Manager Jesse Marks recently presented on Animals Australia’s theory of change at Progress 2015 – and you can see it all in this compelling six minute video:


But how do they manage that amazing Facebook community?

Is it all just cute animal photos? Jesse shared what Animals Australia have learnt about social media, with some great examples at a ChangeMakers event put on by the Australian Equality Party organised by Jacqui Tomlins.

You can download Jesse’s slides here and listen along to the podcast of the presentation here, with an introduction by David Mejia-Canales.

Jesse, Jacqui and David are Australian Progress Fellows.


Jesse Marks

Jesse Marks is Community Engagement Manager at Animals Australia. He's been there since 2008 and in that time he's played a role numerous landmark campaigns for animals, including securing commitments from major supermarkets and fast food chains to end their use of cage eggs; elevating the cruelty of live animal export to national debate; exposing puppy farming and lifting a lid on live baiting in the greyhound racing industry.

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