Australian Progress revitalises civil society movements – enabling them to win social and environmental progress, while strengthening our democracy. Together with hundreds of partners, we ensure the community interest shapes our nation’s priorities.


We work to strengthen the capacity of non-profits and other community groups to create systemic change. This means strengthening the skills of their leaders, the amount of collaboration, the ways they communicate, and the support available for innovation in advocacy. We operate in each of these areas at some scale, touching thousands of change-makers and hundreds of organisations each year.



We have diverse income streams. The vast majority of our $1M+ budget is generated from training and conference fees, as well partnerships with progressive business. We also partner with several of Australia’s most-forward thinking philanthropic organisations and families.  Finally, our core operations are underpinned by an Inner Circle of major non-profits (12 organisations since founding) who invest directly in our system-wide impact.

We have strong bonds with change-makers and similar organisations around the world – we’re regularly sharing experiences and lessons learnt, as well as hosting top-tier international guests.


Centre for Australian Progress is a company limited by guarantee, and registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Coalition. You can read our annual reports & find out more at the Australian Charity Register.