The founders of seven remarkable projects forming the inaugural cohort of Progress Lab have moved cities or left the security of paid work to dive into their project, and convinced us they’re ready to go.

They’ve taken a bold leap to get involved in Progress Labs — and we’re asking you to join them.

Centre for Australian Progress

In the next three months, each project needs to raise $30,000 to cover skeleton operating costs and build the foundations from which their winning campaigns will launch.

Each founder has proven to us they’re resilient and ready to achieve big policy and cultural changes in 2019 and beyond. That’s why we’re resourcing their strategic planning, fundraising, office space, and operational setup.

Can you ensure their much-needed work gets going by showing your support from the very beginning?

We’ve got three months to help hone their strategy and story, raise the funding they need to scale their work, and achieve their vision – faster. Put simply, it won’t happen without you.