Many of us build deep skills in campaigning or communications – and our success finds us managing teams of communicators, or campaigners. Management is a skill set and managing in civil society organisations, and especially in advocacy settings, presents specific challenges and opportunities.

The Masterclass is led by Kirsty Albion, Australian Progress’ Executive Director. Kirsty served for five years as National Director of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, running high-impact campaigns to protect the reef, grow renewable energy and keep fossil fuels in the ground. Kirsty has trained more than 10,000 young people in campaigning, communication, organising, and supported the growth of the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network.

We are proud to offer three unique training modules for managers to turbo-boost their skills in best practice management to lead their teams to win:


Managing for Excellence

We all work with limited resources for critical causes – so we need the best work from our teams and the individuals in them. In this short, targeted workshop you’ll learn key tips and tricks for:

  • Goal setting
  • Successful delegation and accountability
  • 1:1 management relationships
  • Team Communication
  • Performance management
  • Success in rapid response environments
  • Coaching


Recruiting Superstars

Recruitment one of our biggest risk areas to manage. When we’re unsuccessful, the costs – in money, time and opportunity – are enormous. And recruiting agencies, and even our own HR staff, sometimes lack the expertise to successfully recruit campaigners, organisers, advocates, media officers, digital specialists and more. We’ll cover:

  • Designing the right role;
  • Writing job ads that ensure a diversity of quality applicants;
  • Reaching the right applicants – advertising, headhunting, networking;
  • Setting tasks;
  • Assessing applications;
  • Interview process and techniques; and
  • Salary benchmarking


Creating a Culture of Impact

To succeed your organisation needs a strong strategy and great management (including great structure and resourcing), but you will only get there if your organisation’s culture provides for a focus on excellence, innovation and outcomes. This critical module covers:

  • Defining your organisation’s culture;
  • Understanding the levers at your disposal for shifting culture;
  • Case studies of successful shifts in culture within teams and organisation;
  • Culture settings and practices that encourage innovation; and
  • Strategies for getting new projects and processes off the ground.



Management Masterclass will be run online on Zoom.


HOW DO I register?

Please register here. Please note that spaces are limited.



For any access needs and to discuss how we can help you participate in the training, please contact jess@australianprogress.org.au.