The ACTU’s Australian Trade Union Institute, in collaboration with Australian Progress, are thrilled to bring Marshall Ganz to Australia for his first ever two-day community organising training in Australia.

The program also provides a unique opportunity for a few successful applicants to be part of the Train the Trainer program to learn Marshall Ganz’s curriculum in April, and join the Teaching Team to co-facilitate the Organising and Narrative Workshop alongside Marshall Ganz in June.

Places are strictly limited and all applications close Sunday, March 1st.



Marshall Ganz is a world-renowned expert in community organising and a senior lecturer in leadership, organising and civil society at Harvard University. He is best known for developing Public Narrative and the teaching of Story of Self, Us and Now. Marshall began organising in the civil rights movement joining the Mississippi Freedom Summer as a college student, then spent many years organising alongside Cesar Chavez as Organising Director at United Farm Workers. He was a key part of the Obama 2008 campaign; developing ‘Camp Obama’ which trained thousands of volunteers and became the foundation of this two-day workshop in organising and public narrative. He has four decades experience in community and union organising and has trained thousands of grassroots organisers. His most well-known book is Why David Sometimes Wins: leadership, organization and strategy in the California farm worker movement.



Marshall Ganz will deliver his flagship 2.5-day community organising training for 50 union, non-profit and grassroots organisers. It is a unique opportunity to learn best-practice community organising skills and strengthen relationships with organisers from across the country.

The Organising and Narrative Workshop will cover six key practices core to story-based community organising:

  • COACHING — The fundamental organising practice – enabling others to build their power and capacity as organisers and leaders.

  • NARRATIVE — Telling an authentic powerful story of Self, Us and Now to tie your movement together, and coaching members to do the same.

  • RELATIONSHIPS — Building deep, values-based relationships based on stories of self and perfecting the famous organising 1:1.

  • TEAMS — Building leadership teams that unite diverse groups of members with a shared story of us to take leadership of the campaign.

  • STRATEGY — Shaping a theory of change, tactics and timeline that builds on the unique power and capacity of your members.

  • ACTION — moving people to action with a compelling story of now, and coaching members and leaders to do the same.

The 2.5-day training will take place June 3-5 in Melbourne:

  • Wednesday, June 3 – 4:00PM to 8:00PM

  • Thursday, June 4 – 8:30AM to 6:30PM

  • Friday, June 5 – 8:30AM to 6:30PM



There is an incredible opportunity for a small group of experienced organisers to facilitate the Organising and Narrative Workshop alongside Marshall Ganz.

In April, we’re hosting a 2.5-day Train the Trainer workshop with an international team of trainers who’ve taught this workshop over 150 times. The workshop will cover a deeper understanding of the content and how to facilitate it.

To be eligible to participate in Train the Trainer, you need to be available for both trainings, as the teaching team for the Organising and Narrative Workshop with Marshall will include participants from the first workshop. Dates include Train the Trainer on April 1-3 in Melbourne, and the Organising and Narrative Workshop on June 3-5 in Melbourne, with a full-day ‘facilitator prep’ the day before with Marshall and the rest of the Teaching Team.

  • Wednesday, June 3 – 4:00PM to 8:00PM

  • Thursday, June 4 – 8:30AM to 6:30PM

  • Friday, June 5 – 8:30AM to 6:30PM



For most organisers the best thing you should do is to apply for the Organising and Narrative Workshop with Marshall Ganz.

If you are interested in teaching this framework with Marshall, you should apply to participate in the Train the Trainers workshop. This 2.5-day workshop will cover the core content of the main workshop, with an added focus on equipping you with the skills to co-facilitate the Organising and Narrative Workshop. Prior experience as a trainer or organiser is a plus. Participants in this Train the Trainer workshop will have the opportunity to join the teaching team for the workshop with Marshall in June.

There is an option on the form to apply for both, and if you’re not sure, we recommend you do this!



The cost of the Organising and Narrative Workshop is $1,400+GST per person. There are a limited number of discount and scholarship tickets available for small and grassroots organisations. Scholarships will be prioritised for First Nations, people with lived experience of disability, refugees and people seeking asylum and unwaged volunteers – all people are strongly encouraged to apply.

If you are applying for the Train the Trainers workshop, the cost is the same, and will cover you for both programs.



Applications have now closed.