Over the last year, prominent cognitive linguist Anat Shenker-Osorio has partnered with U.S. think tank Demos and Ian Haney Lopez (author of Dog Whistle Politics) in an ambitious multi-phase project to build an effective new narrative on race, class, and democracy in the United States.

The central question Anat explored is how to engage simultaneously around race and class in ways that strengthen social solidarity, reduce division and scapegoating, and create a viable foundation for progressive policy victories. This work has generated huge interest in the US, including write-ups in Salon, The Nation and The Guardian.

In her only public event in Australia this year, Anat will draw parallels to the Australian context and discuss how to apply these findings to the increasing white nationalism, xenophobia and race-based attacks that punctuate politics around the globe.

Anat’s public lecture will be followed by a panel discussion with Australian racial justice campaigners and unionists, as well as Q&A.

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