We invite you to join a small group (6-10 person) study trip to the United States this July to explore cutting edge campaigning, social movement building, and bold philanthropy. For the fifth time, Australian Progress is organising this 14-day journey to meet change-leaders in San Francisco, York, Washington D.C. and this year also Philadelphia for the Netroots conference.


Who do we meet with?

Over two weeks, our group will have approximately 30-45 meetings with organisations and campaigners – non-profits, political campaigns, messaging gurus, digital experts, labor unions, philanthropy, and more. Meetings will be tailored to match the general thematic focus of the group. A big focus will be meeting new groups that have emerged since the 2016 Presidential election, as well as exploring how established players and funders have adapted.

Previous trips have met with groups including: Sierra Club, Moveon.org, Democracy Alliance, AFL-CEO, SEIU,  Black Lives Matter, New Media Centres, Tides, Purpose, Vote.org, Momentum, Emily’s List, NARAL, Working Families Party, Facebook, Google.org, FWD.US, Centre for American Progress, Obama Foundation, MobLab, 350.org and many others.


Who comes?

30 participants in total have taken part in our trip in the past, including CEOs of some of Australia’s largest environmental and health non-profits, philanthropists engaged in advocacy, union secretaries and senior leaders, and Australia’s top campaigning consultants. This is a chance to be informed and inspired by the latest work taking place at scale in the US and to bring back the lessons for widespread impact in Australia. We also place emphasis on our trip cohort having themselves innovative lessons to share with our U.S. hosts.  The tour will be led by at least one senior Australian Progress staff member, likely Executive Director Nick Moraitis.


What’s the schedule?

At this stage, we are planning for the trip to run for 14 days:

  • Sunday 7th July – Group orientation in the afternoon and dinner
  • Monday 8th July – Meetings in New York City
  • Tuesday 9th July – Meetings in New York City
  • Wednesday 10th July – Rest Day / Travel to Philadelphia
  • Thursday 11th July – Attend Netroots Nation in Philadelphia
  • Friday 12th July – Attend Netroots Nation in Philadelphia
  • Saturday 13th July – Attend Netroots Nation in Philadelphia
  • Sunday 14th July – Travel to Washington D.C / Rest Day
  • Monday 15th July – Meetings in DC
  • Tuesday 16th July – Meetings in DC
  • Wednesday 17th July – Travel to San Francisco / Rest Day
  • Thursday 18th July – Meetings in San Francisco
  • Friday 19th July – Meetings in San Francisco
  • Saturday 20th July – Group debrief / close


What’s the cost?

The participation fee for the study trip is based on a sliding scale (all figures $AUD)

  • Consultants, companies, and philanthropy – $5,500+GST (2 spaces available)
  • Large nonprofits over $5M in annual revenue – $4,500+GST (2 spaces available)
  • Medium nonprofits over $1M in annual revenue – $4,000+GST (2 spaces available)
  • Small nonprofits under $1M in annual revenue – $3,250+GST (1 space available)
  • Small nonprofits under $150,000 in annual revenue – $1,500+GST (1 space available)

The participation fee covers Australian Progress providing:

  • Group leaders, in attendance at all meetings
  • Scheduling of meetings, based on extensive relationships and organisational contacts
  • Preparation of daily itineraries including background notes on meetings, timing and local directions
  • Facilitation of group orientation, coordination of shared note taking responsibilities, booking of restaurants as required for meals (often meals will also include meetings)
  • Booking (but NOT cost of) of internal travel in the United States, including domestic flight and train travel, airport transfers.
  • Block booking (but NOT cost of) of accommodation at comfortable mid-range hotels in each city. For ease of logistics, we encourage all participants to stay together, however if you would like to organise your own accommodation (e.g. with friends) that is an option.

The participation fee does not cover the cost of international and domestic travel, accommodation, or meals. Based on previous trips we estimate budgeting at least $6500US for these expenses ($1500 flight, $3000 accomodation, $1500 other), and will provide updated guidance once you are confirmed for the trip – but before travel is booked.


What’s the process?

Each year there is strong demand and we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible if you are interested in attending. We cannot guarantee we can accommodate every interested person, given that we have a limited number of places for each type of organisation in order to ensure a diverse group.

  • 31 March – Trip group finalised
  • 7 April – Contracts signed
  • 30 April – Travel Booked
  • 15 May – 1 hour group webinar to discuss the trip, your purpose, and answer any logistical questions
  • Friday 5th July evening – we recommend you arrive in New York City and acclimatise to jetlag.



Just fill in this very quick no obligation expression of interest as soon as possible. Applicants will be selected on an ongoing basis.