Are you organising a campaign, and need to get a lot of people involved? Does your core campaigning team have more to do than they can handle? Michael Pulsford has prepared a collection of resources that will help you understand the circles of commitment involved in your campaign, and how you can use this framework to manage your campaign.

The circles of commitment framework is designed to help you understand the different levels of the people who are involved in your campaign. The model divides the world of the campaign into five groups represented by concentric circles. These circles represent the full range of people involved, from those at the very core of your campaign to those in the broader community that you are trying to reach. This model of thinking will help you understand the roles of people involved at all levels of your campaign, and how to maximise their engagement.

Michael Pulsford is a community organiser with the Australian Conservation Foundation, and was a speaker at Organise 2015. He has prepared a collection of resources on circles of commitment, to help you understand how you can achieve your purpose through the organisation and engagement of people at each level of your campaign. Browse the helpful collection of resources here.