Need a relevant photo for your urgent social media post right now? Or found the perfect one, but don’t know if you can use it? Here’s some great hints, sources and links.

Looking for great images, like the great one above that Jarra McGrath took at Progress 2015, that you can use for free?

Wherever you find images, be sure to double-check the licensing agreement (Some agreements require you to credit the image in a certain way, others may not allow you to modify the image. Some agreements prohibit ‘commercial use’ which rules them out for fundraising purposes).

Even when it’s not a licensing requirement, it’s good manners to credit your image source and/or photographer in your social media post (example: Image: Flickr/Jo Smith).

Google Advanced Image Search (Free to use or share licence only)

Search all the picture on the interwebz by license type. (In the ‘usage rights’ field, ensure you choose ‘free to use or share’).

Flickr (Creative Commons licence only)

Learn about the various creative commons licences and search Flickr images by license type.

BBC World Service Flickr Account

A particularly good Flickr account for images of current affairs and politicians. (All images here have a Creative Commons licence).

Creative Commons

Allows you to search a bunch of online sources (including Flickr, Fotopedia, Google Images, Open Clip Art Library and Pixabay) for images filed under a creative commons licence.

Free vector images

Slightly clunky website, but some decent vectors (outlined drawings). Particularly useful for designers and those working in Photoshop.


Has a stunning collection of beautiful landscapes, still life and other vaguely hipster high resolution photos. Download and use up to ten each day.


Good for generic stock images, although pics tend to be a bit Euro-centric.


Good for both generic stock images and vectors.


High resolution stock photos.


You need to sign up for an account, but has a good mix of traditional stock photos and more political stuff.

United Nations Image Gallery

Good for pics of pollies and world leaders. You need to sign up to use the images, but non-commercial usage is normally free.


Amnesty International has a reasonably comprehensive image database that activists should feel free to access. Ask your local Community Organiser for the regional log-in.

Australian Progress

As long as you credit our photographers, who are usually volunteers and Australian Progress, you’re welcome to use any of our photos from Progress 2015.