Holly Hammond and Sam La Rocca presented a very popular workshop at Progress 2015, featuring Daniel Hunter via a video presentation. The workshop was very well attended and the discussion, though brief, was rich. Find out more about “moving the rock” 

“Moving the Rock” is one of the most compelling concepts in Hunter’s book Strategy and Soul:

“Politicians are like a balloon tied to a rock. If we swat at them, they may sway to the left or the right. But, tied down, they can only go so far. Instead of batting at them, we should move the rock: people’s activated social values. When we move the rock, it automatically pulls all the politicians towards us — without having to pressure each one separately”

Holly’s subsequent blogpost begins to explain the concept of moving the rock, and you can engage in the discussion in the comments. Holly and Sam intend to publish more articles about moving the rock, and we hope to include them here when they do.